Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vide, Vide: Meme

Gabriele C. of The Lost Fort said I had been "tagged, and the secret password was "joy."
In my usual dim way I had no idea what she meant. That "barely post-Luddite" above wasn't put there as a joke, you know.
Wondered if this was some sort of insider internet arcana or an on-line form of "Tag! You're it!"
Hey, I played that - a long time ago.
Wondered wotinhell this "meme" stuff was. Wondered if it was a blog fog version of a chain letter. I don't want 4,129 pairs of earings, nor am I impressed with threats of "bad luck" if I don't... Picture me, head to one side, mouth half-open, both hands at my temples - feeling stupid. A frequent condition, I might add.
Memes, I discovered, are the parasitical infection of ideas, "language as a virus," the meme-gene of mythologies, the invidious propagation of mind-altering concepts.
How about that. Wobble weed for Windows. Psyche psychedelics. Mushrooms for the memory.
Back to "joy."
Done that, already.
Scroll down to to my post: "My JOY and my delight."
Therein I list a number of people: Ric, Robyn, Bonnie, Jason, Ali. You can consider yourself "tagged." Oh, joy.
A problem with this symbiotic selection is that the "tagging" can quickly become incestuous - which leads, or so some have said, to idiocy.
Play through at your own risk.


Anonymous said...
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Ric said...

tag up
Those who use the word JOY or who give you JOY.

Bernita is always fun, especially when she's up on her soapbox.

Ric said...

Wow, tagging really worked, I'm impressed. Now some more JOY
Kris Yankee a stay at home Mom trying to write with trips to PTC and ER - a future Erma Bombeck in the making.
Robin Grantham always with something joyful to share.
and Patry whose stories are great, told well and .. my wife, my daughter and now, a son, have been waitstaff.

Joy. Spread it.

Ric said...

Damn, didn't work after all
Sorry, go to my page and link through - sorry about that.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

You'll love this one :-)

Bernita said...

Heh, heh, heh...
ALL together now, in the key of C, "Joy, joy, JOY..."
Seriously, without sarcasm, you are a joy.

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, glad you had fun with that one.

And thanks for playing along.