Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pas de deux et Crowd

I fed the baby. My husband dressed. We called the police.
A constable came. A very nice, polite, young constable. A Boy in Blue.
We gave him a brief summary and led him upstairs to the Scene.
My husband carefully picked up the Object by its points and handed it to him.
He dropped it.
As he scrabbled it off the floor, my husband said cheerfully, "There goes the fingerprints."
He blushed.
He dropped his hat. He blushed again.
He gave us a short lecture on surburban vandalism and the effect of the full moon on the city's crime rate.
I noticed he stood carefully between the two windows.
Still in my invincible "damn your eyes " mode I sat down on the bed in full view of the windows.
He flinched.
I grinned at him. He closed his eyes and swallowed.
Later he told my husband, he could hardly wait to get back down to his car and radio HELP!
He informed us, with sincere regret, that it was a minor occurance and there really wasn't very much the police could do about it.
Five minutes after he left, the street was choked with police cars.

...more, later.


Anonymous said...
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Ric said...

You get up in the morning just to annoy us with a SERIAL????

Whatever works to get us to come back?

See what happens to writers when agents keep saying, "Make me turn the next page, make me want more."

Good job.

Bernita said...

Oh, Ric...I am sorry.
This story is quite long. I was looking at some of my other posts, and they're quite long, and I thought maybe I should be making shorter posts, so..
But that's an idea...

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Ooh, a serial mystery blog! I love this idea, Bernita.

You’ve got a fascinating story here and you can be sure that those of us popping in to catch it will be sure to return to see what transpired.

Looking forward to the rest!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Daisy.
What can I say...

Mark Pettus said...

A. Your other posts are not too long. You're a heck of a storyteller.

B. Ominous foreboding... looking foreward to the rest of the story.

ali said...

I'm getting really nervous now! I'm imagining bombs being thrown through your window and everything.

But I'm guessing it wasn't. Not even a very young, nervous policeman would pick up a gun, I hope.

Bernita said...

Ali, love, relax. It really was something of a farce.