Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Part 4 - Stockpiling


(3) Stockpiling.

Some intentional communities are survival oriented and as a matter of course have emergency supplies.
However, a sudden increase in stockpiling essentials: food stuffs, medical supplies, fuel, FAC applications, arms and ammunition acquisitions - without an obvious external cause ( such as an approaching hurricane) - indicates expectation of some crucial event within a specific time frame.
An arms charge was one of the first indications that the Solar Temple theology had taken a dark apocalyptic turn. The Waco group was reported to have amassed an eleven ton arsenal ( presumeably one of the reasons the ATF showed up at their door). The Lundgren cult in Kirkland, Ohio, engaged in heavy arms stockpiling and training before the 1989 massacre. The stockpiling efforts of the Aum Shinri cult were mind boggling in quantity and sophistication, including a military helicopter, tons of biological and chemical warfare supplies in addition to the usual ordnance, a chemical factory, a firearms factory and plans for nuclear weapon acquisition.

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