Friday, October 14, 2005

"My Joy and My Delight"

Top, absolutely top of my list of daily pleasures is La Dame, Miss Snark. No contest.
I've mentioned Ric of Along the River and Robyn and Missie of Snarkling Clean before, but they deserve a repeat. They certainly do.
Then there's Bonnie of Bonnie Writes who writes with an irrepressible sense of sheer fun. Scroll down and find her item on public washrooms and laugh yourself sick. It's a classic. Ali of bonbon cosmique claims she's 17 but delivers her prose with a deft hand. Jason Evans and Clarity of Night display seeker and shadow with skill.
On the industry side, there's also Honest Critiques, a shy editor who, in spite of long absences for cricket season and colds, takes care with his appraisals. And Agent Kate, who surfaces now and then with wry but straightforward advice.
The various styles are theirs. The pleasure's mine.


Anonymous said...
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Bernita said...
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Ric said...


Thanks for the kind words. It's fulfilling to know someone out there is reading and/enjoying my little efforts.

Thanks for the additional links as well. I mean, it's not like I have a REAL job or anything..........

Keep up the good work.

Bernita said...

I'm sure Bonnie loves you too, Ric... but, tell me, does your wife every get annoyed with you for some reason you can't figure out?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention and the compliment!

I haven't visited a good number of the sites you've listed, but I certainly will on your recommendation.

Ric said...


That does explain a lot.

My much embarrassed apologies.


Bernita said...

You're a dear man, Ric, and your blog's a pleasure.
Jason, t'was only the truth.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the linkage and the nod!

Missie and I will put up a blogroll as soon as we figure out how, and you'll be on it. Who else does cult studies and nature poetry?

Muse said...

Bernita certainly does put the cult in cultural.

(from a member)

Bernita said...

Robyn, much as I dislike excesses of "fabs," "adores,"and "awesomes", I have to say again I love your blog.
Now, Muse, be nice.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Bernita, you are such a sweetheart. Thanks for the shout. You're on my "See Who I See" list. Love your posts. Your right about Ric. I wonder whose name he's callin' his wife by today? :-)Pssstt...Ric....I'm over here! I love your posts too. I answered the E-mail.

Bernita said...

"Sweetheart" is a word best applied to you, Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

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