Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Doomsday: Part 5 - Enclosure and Isolation

(4) Enclosure

While cults by definition tend to be insular closed societies, sudden and additional restrictions on the freedom allowed cult members may indicate an anticipated crisis, especially if there is no overt evidence of police scrutiny.
Enclosure may take the form of perimeter security, "out" members may quit paying jobs, close bank accounts, max credit cards and withdraw children from school.
This type of withdrawal was particularly evident in members of the Lundgren cult in the days preceeding the Kirtland massacre.
If enclosure occurs after innocuous visits by fire code inspectors or social workers, then the group's paranoia index reads above average.

(5) Spiritual Isolation

Group isolation entails more than physical or geographic isolation. The isolation index extends to the spiritual realm. Waco Branch Davidians were not welcomed by the Branch Davidians at the Sprucedale, Ontario, compound. Non-comforming Mormon polygamists in Big Water, Utah, considered Rock Therriault dangerously weird. Seventh Day Adventists had previously washed their hands of him. Jeff Lundgren and followers were expelled from the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints.
Criticism and avoidance by other groups within a particular religious spectrum may be based on sound and just unease and not on rivalry, jealousy or competition for followers.


andy said...

You mentioned Sprucedale Br. Dividians here....are they and the communal people of the Northern Lites Steel Orchestra out of Sprucedale one and the same group.
Was wondering??

Anonymous said...

andy, that is correct.
that is a link to the branch davidians playing abba's "dancing queen" in sprucedale ontario