Thursday, September 08, 2005

Writing Industry: Blogs

Are you disappointed when skipping through the thickets on the way to Grandmother's House you discover intelligent, clever, useful blogs that are either defunct or only occassionally updated?
Do not adjust your cloak.
Do not snivel and turn back.
Put down the basket, push back the mantle, kick off the moss and dead leaves and uncover the archival Rosetta stones. Read the oolitic comments. Valuable, witty stuff there too.

(Mad) Max Perkins and BookAngst 101. Resquiat.
A Gent's Outlook. This one promises a different, if cynical, perspective, but has not delivered much - to my regret.
Agent Obscura, aka Nadia Cornier. This agent has just taken a machete to the undergrowth to cut a new path with her own agency, Firebrand Literary. One fears her blog will become defunct when her agency inbox suffers an overload. She is seeking new clients.

Copy editing and proof reading:
An important and often ignored part of the process.
This Crazy Industry hasn't been updated for weeks. These people have lives and dislocations too, ya know. Good stuff in the archives.
Deanna Hoak's Journal. Current. Fascinating. Writers might do well to understand more about this side of the equation.

Athena and Onsmi's Acidic Critiques offers to rip first pages and query letters. New. Primarily for short fiction, I think.
Flogging the Quill: Does critiques and offers detailed examples of techniques. Responsive. Pleasant and polite.

Sorry I'm late, Grannie, I was reading the archives. That's how I know those are not new dentures.


Anonymous said...
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Daniel Heath said...

thanks for the list, Bernita.

and for stopping by ect@2am a while back. the clerk did have a recommendation for your green-skin condition, also.

Bernita said...

"ego te absolvo" was a fine piece of writing.

Deanna Hoak said...

Thank you for the link. I'm happy to find that my journal is considered useful.


Mad Max Perkins said...

Bernita--honored to make your honor roll, but rumors of my demise [i.e. joining the ranks of agents] are somewhat exaggerated.

Speaking of agents, though--you might want to check out Agent 007 and Miss Snark.