Saturday, September 17, 2005

Why I Love the Brits

Besides Winston Churchill, the Magna Carta, Lady Godiva and Shakespeare, that is.

Yesterday, Yahoo news had an item on a re-enactment of Nelson's funeral in London.

The article included an interview with Gloria Gooch, 67, one of the watchers of this spectacle.
"I'm quite proud," she said, "I wanted to see it . . .I missed the first one 200 years ago."

May there always be an England.


Anonymous said...

I love British wit! They seem to have so much better a command of the language.

ali said...

Haha. Yeah, I thought there were a surprising number of people watching that. Possibly partly because of all the drama in the papers over whether he was gay or not.

Bernita said...

Maybe it's because they've been at it longer than we have, in situ, so to speak, Jason.
Recently I saw a blogger comment on the delicacy of an American agent spelling certain words like "favour" when contacting an English writer and admiring the courtesy of "British English" over "English."
Perhaps it's a result of post-colonialism on my part, but I thought "Hellooo."
Ali, I heard that Lady Hamilton was fast.