Friday, September 23, 2005

Via con Via

Today I'm packing my good jeans, my kick-ass boots and my greed and going back to TO for Word on the Street.


Ah, the culture shock.

Learning all the subway stops again, not flinching at the sight of enough nose rings for all the prize bulls in Alberta, travelling from a place where we have drive-by BB shootings and no one can remember the last murder to where the drive-bys and other random acts of violence have racked up 57 or so fatalities thus far this year.
Toronto. Hog Town.
Used to live there. Not far from where Noel Coward lived for a short time.
Smog. No sky above the hazy hemisphere of streetlight.
Where sirens are the loon call in the night... Where the Thousand Islands are the people hanging on the straps beside you....Where the smell of hydrocarbons replace the rack and wash of the River...Where I was stalked... Where we were once the designated target of The Red Rose Sniper...

Toronto the Good.


Muse said...

Heh! I'll be sure to take out my nose ring. Let's hope the rain holds off for Word on the Street (Sunday, Queen's Park, Toronto, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, for those in the vicinity).

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Wow, you describe the feeling of the city well. Sounds like New York City on a slow day! Be careful.

Stephen Newton said...

I came her via Torgo's critique blog. I'm waiting for his comments on my first novel, a mystery. In the meantime, I followed a link to you and I'm glad I did. Love your words and will return for more.

Stephen Newton said...

Train wreck? Need to hear more, Bernita. Thanks for stopping by. What are your two novels in one about?

Bernita said...

About the adventures of a forensic consultant whose adventures parallel between the 12th century and the present. Every age had its dragons.

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