Friday, August 19, 2005

Be Welcome

Gentle men and gentle fems, be welcome to my blog.
This is a strange new world for me.
This blog intends to be a collection of ideas, impressions and observations about an unknown virtual continent as viewed by a voyageuse. My ship has just dropped anchor in a forbidding bay by a forbidding shore. The forests loom dark and may hide savages as well as friends. I hope to make treaties.
Likely this landscape will eventually reveal itself as not being that different from the Old World, but right now it is strange and fascinating - and necessary.

1 comment:

ScaramoucheX said...

I have been inhabiting for some time this, 'forete sauvage',long enough to say to you, the yourself,and you will do well here...we are your friends, we're not like the others ;)